Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Minutes - 18th July 2007

Discussion Points

  • Newsletter
    • Monthly – once every two weeks
    • Every week can have a relevant theme – next one could be Ganpati, then something linked to Sprucing up
    • Any 5 of the following heads should be included in every newsletter
  • Formation of Eco Bytes Team
  • Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Eco Committee - Going Ahead

Newsletter Topics Finalised

  • Tips and things to do
  • Theme based article
  • Update on activities initiated – bus ticket, black google etc.
  • News information on any future activities
  • Eco speak – employees speak about their eco experiences
  • A relevant and inspiring quote
  • A comic strip or humorous take on the issue
  • Links to relevant & interesting websites, books
  • An ongoing competition – eg slogan, poster etc
  • Information on things happening in the city / world
  • Interesting pictures / video
  • Include – articles, suggestions sent in by the employees – give credit
Note - A newsletter will contain only 5 to 6 of the above sections at a time. One newsletter will be sent per month. Additional information will be sent as 'Eco Bytes'.

Eco Bytes Team

  • Could be a rotating team – so everybody gets a chance to be part of the newsletter and will keep it fresh.
  • Also then everybody shares responsibility
  • The following positions need to be finalised
    • Editor - Seema (proposed)
    • Contributors - Eco responsive team
    • Technical / publishing - Devatanu / Ambar (proposed)
    • Person sending out to all employees - Prakash / Ambar (proposed)
    • Co-ordinator - Seema / Ambar (proposed)

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Bus tickets – Supriya
  • Eco ganpati – Supriya
  • Consumption & Purchase – Harsh
  • It related – Prakash
  • Newsletter – Seema Dev
  • Merchandise – Diti
  • Activity planners – Spruce Up – Ambar Seema
  • Tree Planting - Dev
  • Diwali Gifts – Ambar Seema
  • Response team - Seema
  • Eco charter – seema dev payal
  • Eco Fund – tax benefit Harsh
  • Recycled paper - Ambar
  • E waste - Payal

Eco Responsive Committee - Going Ahead

  • What no. should we cap at
  • What is the procedure for new members to join
  • Can we create sub committees in each division
  • The main committee can monitor the activities of the sub committees
  • Greenpeace talk at JV on 4th August - to be organised by Supriya
  • Proposal to place BEST ticket collection boxes at other companies in and around JV - Permission to be taken before going ahead
  • Spruce Up Day to be finalised on 4th August - Ambar
  • Prakash is to completed purchase of of and domains
  • Seema is to share information on "Gobal Cool"
  • Harsh will clarify is the donation / mechandise purchase can lead to any income tax benefits
  • Payal will be following up with Pallavi Agarwal on Ewaste
  • Diti will be planning Eco Responsive mechandise
  • Alia Cricket match logo can have the Eco Responsive Logo - CK
  • Manjit has suggested that we consider using Electronic chokes instead of copper chokes so that electricity consumption can be reduced
  • Dev is to confirm with Mr. Badigar about the tree planting at his farm

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