Monday, July 9, 2007

Eco Responsive Launch - 07/07/2007

Days after a new seed is sown, it has started sprouting.

Event - Eco Responsive Launch
Venue - Aliagroup Corp. Office - Lower Parel
Date - 7th July, 2007

Keeping with the spirit of the Eco Responsive initiative i.e. action and measurable milestones, the first public step taken was the formal launch of the program.

This was also momentous occasion for the company as all the divisions were present under one roof for the first time. About 180 employees of Aliagroup took the first steps toward being a socially conscious and proactive group.

Eco Responsive is an employee run initiative and is led by the Eco - Responsive Committee. The committee represents representatives from about five different divisions and will be responsible for ensuring that each division takes active part in this initiative and that ideas are shared across all divisions.

The Eco Responsive Committee was responsible for organizing the Eco Quiz and the screening of "An Inconvenient Truth". This was followed by a short presentation by the members of the committee briefing everyone present on how we can collectively take action to reduce our impact on the environment.

The most encouraging outcome of the launch was that ever person attending left with a very humbled, changed yet proactive outlook towards the environment.

An eco-board was signed by all present to pledge their commitment to the cause. A memorable morning was followed by lunch and telecast of LIVE EARTH a worldwide concert for a climate in crisis.

Everyone left the event motivated and with an eco-bag to take the first step towards being Eco Responsive.

Assist us with your suggestions and comments. Let's make Eco Responsive a transformation engine - a transformation for the better.

The Eco Responsive Team

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