Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Minutes- Eco Responsive Meeting 14/8/2007


  • Seema
  • Harsh
  • CK
  • Diti
  • Supriya
  • Priyank
  • Prakash

Activities for first Saturday of September:

  • Tree planting- Follow up with Dev. It will be voluntary. Transport will have to be arranged.
  • Movie- Day after tomorrow.
  • Share consumption figures for past 2 months.

Follow Ups/Decisions:

  • CK will give us cost for bigger size bags and sling bags-Friday 17th Aug.
  • Harsh to give consumption figures by end of day-14th Aug.
  • Bags- materials - Seema, Supriya, Diti-22nd Aug.
  • Process to register as NGO- Harsh
  • Inconvinient truth 5 copies to be ordered- Prakash 14th Aug.
  • Website to have a local flavour 17th Aug.
  • Eco Friendly paper and shredder- Ambar 17th Aug.
  • 10 bus ticket collection boxes-C.K-17th Aug
  • e-waste audit - payal, Dev, Prakash-23rd Aug.
  • Diwali gift to be finalised- divisionwise- 30th Aug.
  • Greenpeace followup-Supriya
  • Next eco meeting on 30th Aug 2007 in JV office at 9:30 am.
  • If people are not attending the meeting they need to inform one day in advance
  • If people are finding it difficult to be a part of the commitee they may drop out.
  • Next newsletter on eco-friendly gifting.

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