Thursday, August 30, 2007

Minutes for 30th August 2007


  1. Seema
  2. Manjit
  3. Chandrakant
  4. Priyank
  5. Devatanu
  6. Harsh
  7. Prakash
  8. Ambar

  1. Tree planting moved to October
  2. Share consumption figures before the movie and taking them through some visitor information and bus ticket update
  3. List of Diwali gift numbers from each department
  4. Prakash will need to make three copies of the movie for distribution to all offices
  5. Manjit will follow up on the recycled paper processing. We cannot wait till we accumulate 500kgs of paper before being picked up.
  6. Explore Karmayog site and see what are the practical routes forward for merchandising
  7. Process for registering as an NGO/Company - Seema to coordinate with Ramesh Vorah
  8. Invite Al Gore to present to Indians
  9. Prakash to send an email to the IT team to deposit all CD boxes with the Eco Committee
  10. Prefer a list of branded electronics. Also find out if they have an ewaste programme - Prakash
  11. Jiyo Green / Cartridge world - Manjit and Priyank
  12. Eco policy for IT products used - Seema / Prakash / Devatanu
  13. Check if the bookmarks are being printed on recycled / recycle-able plastic
  14. Aim for end september for the Newsletter
  15. Exhibition of Eco Products to be planned before Diwali. Tentatively 4th, 5th, 6th Oct - Seema
  16. Next eco meet on 14th September at Lower Parel - 9:30 am

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