Friday, September 14, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Meeting - 14th Sept 2007


  1. Priyank
  2. Manjit
  3. Chandrakant
  4. Prakash
  5. Devatanu
  6. Payal
  7. Harsh
  8. Ambar
  9. Diti

Discussion Items
  1. Consumption figures have been shared at JV as well as LP
  2. List of Diwali gift numbers from each department by Wednesday (Ambar - 19th Sept, Payal for Yellow)
  3. Eco Directory is required (Ambar / Prakash)
  4. Inconvenient Truth one copy has been done. Since it is 6 GB some alternate arrangements need to be made for copying it. Priyank to coordinate with Henry on this.
  5. Manjit will follow up on the recycled paper processing. We cannot wait till we accumulate 500kgs of paper before being picked up
  6. Confirmation from Seema on whether the money collected from sale of recycled paper can be used for the eco fund
  7. Not too much interest in purchase of cloth bags. We'll stick to the bags for Diwali gifts. Sethu / Tuhin / Biju will have to give his confimation (Ambar)
  8. Explore Karmayog site and see what are the practical routes forward for merchandising (Diti)
  9. Process for registering as an NGO/Company - Seema to coordinate with Ramesh Vorah
  10. Invite Al Gore to present to Indians (Devatanu)
  11. Special mention for Ashmi in an eco Byte
  12. More information on Post It (Manjit)
  13. Approval from Seema about the 10 points bookmark. CK will prepare a sample. Diti and CK will prepare the design
  14. List of Branded Electronic Products has been prepared by Prakash. As of now, only HP has a take back policy for just the toner and cartridge. No response from Jiyo Green yet on refilling of the cartridges.
  15. Eco policy for IT products used - Seema / Prakash / Devatanu
  16. Eco Responsive Charter - Devatanu / Payal / Seema
  17. Exhibition of Eco Products to be planned before Diwali. Tentatively 4th, 5th, 6th Oct - Seema
  18. Plant population in the office was supposed to be increased (Seema)
  19. Newsletter content - Images for the stores / products (Payal), Ticket Collection Figure (Dev), Special Mention for Ashmi (Ambar), Design from Seema. Date - 28th Sept
  20. Take decision on sending a stinker newsletter to shake the people up
  21. Ideas for "You are guilty" campaign - by Wednesday (19th Sep) (e.g. crackers + asthama inhaler free), laxmi bomb + hearing aid, rockets + burnol. We need Seema's aproval on this. If she says no, we go on strike.
  22. "Share your story" link to be attached with the eco byte
  23. Share the Year 2070 ppt on the next working saturday and then mail it out to all (All team members)
  24. Monitors have been set for reminding members of their tasks. For the first week it is Priyank. For the second week it will be Harsh.
  25. Next eco meet on 28th Friday (JV)

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