Friday, September 28, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Meeting - 28th Sept 2007


  1. Nilesh
  2. Prakash
  3. Harsh
  4. Chandrakant
  5. Devatanu
  6. Seema
  7. Priyank

Discussion Points
  1. DVD copies for Inconvenient truth will be strictly monitored and must have corresponding paper license
  2. Live Earth videos need to be downloaded by Prakash
  3. The committee needs to finalise on a few, quantufiable causes to take up
  4. Some ideas are -
    1. Eco Choices within the company
    2. Online Eco Awareness / Information for Eco Choices
    3. Tree plantation
    4. Voluteer Work (kids, trees, social awareness)
    5. Kids specific site / portal for environmentally inclined issues
    6. Contest for eco ideas where kids will participate (through channels)
    7. Generate funds through eco merchandise
  5. Collaboration with Under the Mango Tree - Vijaya Pastala - 9833154478 - (Seema)
  6. Eco Merchandise Newsletter will be done by DMA - 5th October (Chandrakant)
  7. "You are Guilty" creatives/graphics - Yellow (tentative)
  8. Mumbai Central Depot for BEST enquiry (Priyank/Nilesh)
  9. Post It gift item is too expensive (Rs. 110). We are not going ahead with it
  10. Explore Karmayog site and see what are the practical routes forward for merchandising (Diti)
  11. Not too much interest in purchase of cloth bags. We'll stick to the bags for Diwali gifts. Sethu / Tuhin / Biju will have to give his confimation (Ambar)
  12. Cash collected from sale of shredded paper is to be used as eco fund (Harsh)
  13. Eco Chart for targets / figures. Final modality to be decided
  14. Large bag sample to be collected from Chandrakant (Nilesh / Priyank)
  15. Talk to Business Heads and collect a percetage of the cost saving from eco initiatives. This can be implemented in the intial stages and discontinued later (Seema)
  16. Next meeting on 12th October - Lower Parel
  17. Supriya (Alia) and Prashant (DMA) are no longer with the committee
  18. We welcome Nilesh (Alia) to the committee
  19. Nilesh's email id needs to be added to the eco committee group mail id (Prakash)

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