Friday, October 12, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Meeting - 12th Oct 2007


  1. Payal
  2. Nilesh
  3. Ambar
  4. Seema
  5. Prakash
  6. Harsh
  7. Chandrakant
  8. Devatanu
Discussion Points
  1. DVD License - they were never there. may be call clients over & watch screening discuss on feasibility (Harsh/Dev)
  2. Live Earth Videos (Prakash) sent them to Priyank
  3. Some Ideas - can include it part of each division induction programme (future points pending)
  4. Mango Tree___Seema to follow up
  5. Eco Merchandise newsletter - seema can take up, because Imaran is busy with project deadline
  6. You are guilty_ By next meeting (Yellow/Payal)
  7. Mumbai central depot---the authorities the BEST- priyank nilesh have no idea, Nilesh will try & find out the link from Sonali and Nanda
  8. Speak to BEST about their cause (the ticket collection) speak to higher authorities first, at the same time trace the link (Priyank/Nilesh)
  9. Need final figure of the bus ticket collection for the newsletter (Priyank)
  10. karmyog site (Payal)
  11. Cash from sale of shredded paper (Manjit will get back by 15th oct)
  12. mail for approval on this (from higher authorities)
  13. Merchandising Website (Dev/Payal)
  14. Seema will follow up on the merchandise sold by Indian artisans
  15. Homepage for merchandise site (Seema/Dev/Payal)
  16. 7 th jan 08 site should be up and running
  17. benchmark for merchandise. Can call it the (Prakash will block it up for us if available). ecoshop, ecopoint, ecocentre came up with a list of names and check their availability.
  18. Design homepage to show organization interested, identify organizations and shops - for online eco store
  19. list down the budget for the website (Dev. Approval Seema)
  20. We need to assign two or more people for one task so that there is a definite follow up
  21. Eco Responsive legal and registration issues ( Seema/Harsh to coordinate with suresh)
  22. Ideas for involving kids in this cause
  23. Once the NGO is registered we can issue ID cards for the ecomember
  24. Next meeting 26th Oct at JV

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