Friday, October 26, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Meeting - 26th Oct 2007


  1. Prakash
  2. Chandrakant
  3. Harsh
  4. Devatanu
  5. Priyank
  6. Ambar
  7. Nilesh
  1. Clients are interested in screening the DVD in large numbers, hence it is not feasible to screen it in JV or LP
  2. Live Earth Videos (from Youtube) have been given by Prakash to Dev (a. Super Power Bloke, b. Earth 2.0, c. The Reef)
  3. Some Ideas - can include it part of each division induction programme (future points pending)
  4. Mango Tree___Seema to follow up
  5. Eco Merchandise newslette - Completed and emailed
  6. You are guilty_ By next meeting (Yellow/Payal)
  7. Bus tickets will be sent for recycling. (Ambar)
  8. Decision has been taken to sponsor one child. Further plans to be discussed once Seema is back.
  9. Karmyog site (Payal/Priyank)
  10. Cash from sale of shredded paper (Manjit will get back by 15th oct) - No follow up yet - (Manjit/Harsh)
  11. Merchandising Website for our own initiative (Dev/Payal)
  12. Seema will follow up on the merchandise sold by Indian artisans
  13. Homepage for merchandise site (Seema/Dev/Payal)
  14. 7 th jan 08 site should be up and running
  15. benchmark for merchandise. Can call it the (Prakash will block it up for us if available). ecoshop, ecopoint, ecocentre came up with a list of names and check their availability.
  16. Design homepage to show organization interested, identify organizations and shops - for online eco store
  17. list down the budget for the website (Dev. Approval Seema)
  18. Eco Responsive legal and registration issues ( Seema/Harsh to coordinate with suresh)
  19. Ideas for involving kids in this cause
  20. Once the NGO is registered we can issue ID cards for the ecomember
  21. We need to involve more people from within the organisation. We can start by asking all members of Aliagroup for content and suggestions for the monthly newsletters.
  22. CK / Harsh suggest that we need to go out of the organisation and that internal activities have been saturated.
  23. Ambar suggests that communicating the points to non-committee members in the right manner is critical in getting their participation
  24. Movie category needs to be added to the blog
  25. "The World is Mine" image needs to be added to the blog
  26. Emails need to be sent to all employees to ask for suggestions on improving the blog. These suggestions will be taken forward for planning the website
  27. Next meeting 16th Nov - LP

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