Friday, October 19, 2007

Eco-Shop Opening at Mumbai

An Eco-friendly Centre is opening at the Sarvodaya Mandal Gandhi Book Centre, Nana Chowk, near Grant Road Station.

Noted human rights activist Medha Patkar, and Justice C.S Dharmadhikari will innagurate the Centre at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 24th.

Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre and Association for India's Development are proud to announce the opening of the Eco Friendly Centre, a place for urban consumers to access rural products at fair prices.

Eco Friendly Centre offers for sale products made in villages using environmentally sustainable materials and production techniques and providing livelihood to rural artisans. These include organic rice and grains, handmade paper, soaps, savories from small-scale industries, jute
and bamboo household items, cards, gifts with progressive message, and alternative media.

The urban consumer benefits not only by buying the products but also learning about the solutions to many of today's social and environmental problems as they are practiced in the villages. Such as: popular resources for eco-friendly living such as runaway best-seller "SAY NO TO PLASTIC" bags made from khadi and jute and the celebrated PEDAL POWER GENERATOR or "bijli bike" allowing any individual, anytime, anywhere, to light a bulb on demand and off the grid.

Other shops in Mumbai that stock eco – friendly products are

  1. Fab India
  2. The Eco Shop – Atria Mall
  3. Bombay Stores
  4. Khadi gram Udyog
You can also pick up eco products from:
  1. Paramparik Karigar exhibition
  2. Hastakala Samiti exhibition
Sites for eco products

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