Monday, November 5, 2007

Eco Furniture

Objective : Save Trees, Save the Environment, Save the Planet .

Wood & Ecosystem
Wood is the most precious part of man's life. Wood has always attracted man since ages. Ever since his existence man is influenced by the elegance of wood. In the primal days wood was the source of fire & energy. The enormous use of wood has led to deforestation, resulting in Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming. Fortunately, the concern for healthy environment has prompted man to think again and again on the use of wood.

But, its sophistication & ornateness still inspires man to make varied products of decoration and home furnishing.

Today, the Global Warming and Greenhouse Effects have started threatening man to stop the overuse of wood. But, what do we do to make furnitures then? What are the alternatives? Furnitures are the essential part of our home. The thirst for beauty and elegance has always encouraged man to find charming alternatives to wood.

Today, there are many alternatives to wooden furnitures, which are eco-friendly furnitures. Eco-friendly furnitures are aimed towards less use of wood and more use of waste products and other products, the use of which are not a threat to our environ.

Eco-furnitures made with endurable materials can be easily separated and re-recycled, representing an easier, softer way to go green in your home. And the possibilities are endless and enthusing.

Today, there are desk with a removable top and legs that can be disassembled and put into a recycling bin in less than fifteen seconds to change its design. There are chairs made from straw particleboard and recycled steel.

Currently, the industry and the market is packed with Eco-furnitures made of wheat panels, sunflower board, aluminum, polywoods, wrought irons, metals, stones, post consumer materials, all of which are available in attractive designs and colours.

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