Friday, November 16, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Meeting - 16th Nov 2007


1. Prakash

2. Ambar

3. Seema

4. Harsh

5. Payal

6. Nilesh


  1. Paper Bags workshop to be conducted on 1st December 2007, Seema & Payal to figure out more ideas for it
  2. Inconvenient Truth DVD’s to go out to each Divisions asap. Prioritize it to Yellow since the demand there is high (Priyank / Harsh)
  3. Getting Kids involved & finding out ideas/program to communicate with them to be considered as one of the future points (Seema)
  4. Some Ideas as a part of Creative Induction has been implemented at Yellow, Payal to share the slide with Ambar
  5. “You are Guilty” – wait for the right time to launch this.(Payal / Seema)
  6. Decision taken to sponsor a child at Crayons. Payal to give more details to Seema (Seema / Payal)
  7. Prioritize disposal of Shredded Paper & Bus Tickets, funds generated to be deposited with eco funds. (Manjit / Seema)
  8. Discontinue the collection of Bus Tickets. Seema to figure out how to communicate with the employees.
  9. Source out organizations who recycle Plastic Bags. etc (All the Eco Members)
  10. Mango Tree__ Seema to follow-up
  11. Karmayog Site (Payal / Priyank)
  12. Merchandising Website for our own initiative (Dev/Payal)
  13. Seema will follow up on the merchandise sold by Indian artisans
  14. Homepage for merchandise site (Seema/Dev/Payal)
  15. 7 th jan 08 site should be up and running
  16. benchmark for merchandise. Can call it the (Prakash will block it up for us if available). ecoshop, ecopoint, ecocentre came up with a list of names and check their availability.
  17. Design homepage to show organization interested, identify organizations and shops - for online eco store
  18. list down the budget for the website (Dev. Approval Seema)
  19. “Eco Responsive” the name to be registered (Seema / Harsh)
  20. Next meeting 10am on 29th Nov 2007 at Lower Parel Office

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