Friday, July 27, 2007

Eco Responsive Committee Minutes - 27th July 2007


  • Prakash
  • Priyank
  • Manjit
  • Supriya
  • Ambar
  • Payal
  • Devatanu
  • Seema


  • Not more than 3 members from each division
  • Membership can be voluntary
  • We need to maintain a attendance log
  • Greenpeace presentation will happen in all three offices on the 4th
  • Each division can distribute its on labels
  • Relevant articles will be posted directly to the blog
  • When the website is created a separate section can be dedicated to the news archive, but for now we can use the blog
  • Pricing for bags - small: Rs. 50; large: Rs. 100.
  • Incorporate water mark in the documents so that stationery needs to be printed in advance
  • Newsletter on Ganpati needs to be sent out on 6th
  • "Maruti has saved 30% on their electricity bill"

Follow Ups

  • Bus ticket collection boxes
  • Business heads needs to be informed before each initiative
  • CD Cases need to be reused for bus ticket collection
  • CK needs to distribute the artwork for the stickers to all the division
  • CBO disclaimer needs to be set up - Prakash
  • Reminder for Spruce Up Day today and mid week - next week
  • Manjit & Priyank will do the ideation for the Eco Responsive website
  • Carbon Credit article - Payal Green box article - Ambar
  • Meeting / Concall with Premnath Balachandra - Payal
  • EWaste audit - Prekash / Dev
  • Production of more bags in three sizes. Sales tax implication - Seema
  • Bag requirement draft email - Ambar
  • Discussion on all Aliagroup Events and how they can be made green - Seema / Deepika
  • Pricing for electronic chokes from Lower Chawl - Prakash
  • Eco friendly paper to be dicussed with the business heads - Ambar / Suresh
  • Discuss treeplanting with Mr. Badigar - September - Dev
  • Tree planting mail to be sent - Ambar
  • Purchase / Pricing for Inconvenient Truth - Prakash / Manjit
  • Contact individuals who purchase Ganpati - All team members
  • Draft newsletter by tuesday, 31st July - Seema
  • Personal reminder for use of used paper boxes - All team members
  • Maruti article - Manjit
  • Next meeting - 14th Aug at Lower Parel

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