Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eco Responsive on a roll

Clients adopt Eco Responsive too ...

Today was a momentous day for the Eco Responsive Initiative as well as CBO - Cyberbackoffice and Sykes & Ray Equities.

One of the tasks taken up by the CBO team was to ensure that their clients are also a part of the Eco Responsive initiative. As discussed in earlier meetings, possible resistance for setting up bus tickets collection boxes seemed to be the least. To our surprise, the client (Sykes & Ray Equities) not only welcomed the move, but also ensured that their Director, Mr. Yogesh Gupta was present to launch the initiative.

Above is an image of Henry Peter of CBO, handing over the ticket collection box to Mr. Yogesh Gupta. Mr. Gupta was also gracious enough to put in the first bus ticket in to the collection box.

The tickets will be collected every Friday. The client has also offered to have these delivered to the JV office.

Let's hope more of our clients will be willing to adopt Eco Responsive.

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MRH said...

Can you add a closup portrait photo of the ticket collection box?
It looks like an ingeniously elegant recycled item !