Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Handicraft Products

Objective : To prevent animal cruelty & deforestation and promote kindness to animals & trees worldwide

Eco-friendly Handicraft Items
The products which are made of environment friendly materials are Eco-Friendly products. Generally the eco-products do not harm the environment in any form. The products which are made of leather, wood or any other parts of animal such as ivory, bones, horns, etc. are not eco-friendly products. These product are generally made by killing animals, birds or cutting trees, which results in deforestation and extinction of animals. Both deforestation and extinction of animals are harmful for our ecosystem and our Planet Earth.

Today, numerous debates are on, to protect animals and trees. Several animal and environmental rights organisations are coming forward to stop killing of animals and trees. Laws are also made to protect animals & trees from illegal trade.

The Eco-Friendly Handicraft Items
Eco-Friendly Handicraft Items are of made of jutes, waste materials, handmade paper products, polywood products, fabric products, handmade greeting cards, recycled bottles, recycled products, biodegradable products, etc.

In the making of Handicrafts Items there is less use of energy. As the products are mostly made in homes.

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