Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Handmade Paper

Objective : To reduce the amount of paper waste generated by offices; To reduce the demand for paper made from virgin wood fibre; To save our Planet Earth from Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect; To stop deforestation and to save our forest reserves.

The Facts
It is well known fact that, to produce 1 tonne of paper from virgin pulp require 17 large trees, which leads to more tree cut and more deforestation. When forests are cleared, natural habitats are destroyed or disrupted, species may become extinct and native communities dwelling in the forest areas are impacted. Besides, cutting down old forests leads to a loss of diversity. Trees also serve a function of soaking up carbon dioxide, which is one of the main greenhouse gases that accelerates global warming.

The Warning for the Environment
The average office worker throws away 35-50 kg of paper per year. In Singapore, 500,000 tonnes of paper is thrown away every year, and this is equivalent to the destruction of about 8.5 million trees.

The Care for the Environment
There is a growing concern around the globe for preserving our forest reserves. The "Greenhouse Effect" has led people to become more alert about the environmental concerns. It has been seen that, in the recent few years various corporations, communities, government agencies and others are coming forward to promote products and technologies that lead to the preservation of the environment.

Global Benefits of Handmade Papers
The paper-making process uses energy, water and chemicals and produces wastes. Paper made from recycled fibres or Handmade Paper requires at least 50% less energy and up to 75% less water than making it from virgin fibre. It also produces up to 90% less wastewater and reduces air pollution by 70%.

Common Benefits of Handmade Paper
Today, there is a revival in homemade papermaking crafts. It's a good way to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities. Handmade paper is environment friendly as cotton rags and other waste products are converted into something meaningful by recycling. This leads to less deforestation.

The Benefits are :
Use of non-wood raw materials, thus saving trees.
Made with pollution free methods as solar energy is used extensively.
Acid free.
Higher tensile, bursting, tearing and double-fold strength as compared to mill made paper.
Fine and elegant quality.

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